Facing closure at the end of the season, Pennsylvania's pathetic minor-league ice-hockey team, the Charlestown Chiefs, find themselves stuck in a long losing streak. But, under those circumstances, and refusing to throw in the towel, the experienced coach, Reggie Dunlop, enlists the help of the club's newest players, the dauntless Hanson Brothers, who specialise in foul play. Now, as the revitalised Chiefs return to winning ways, its star player, Ned Braden, insists on playing fair, refusing to goon it up. Will the Charlestown Chiefs win the decisive championship game against their feared opponents, the Syracuse Bulldogs?


Rated R

Venue Details
Greenville Drive In - Reserved
10700 New York 32, Greenville, New York, 12083, United States

Doors will open at 7:30 pm. Please note that the movie is likely to start around 8:45 pm- or whenever the geese fly over the drive-in. Feel free to come early and follow social distancing recommendations.  IF YOU ARE LEAVING YOUR ASSIGNED SPOT TO USE THE RESTROOMS OR ORDER FOOD YOU MUST WEAR A MASK.  If you are not wearing a mask, you will be asked to leave with no refund as per state recommendations.


1.    When you arrive at the box office you will check in 

2.    Proceed to your row and spot as designated on the pole

3.    Please park between the 2 poles (that will be your space and we appreciate practicing social distancing regulations as outlined by the state). 


    1.  Wear a mask over your nose and mouth if you leave the area around your vehicle

    2.  Make best efforts to stay at least 6' away from others 



1.    Please limit one person/household to the bathrooms at a time

2.    Each bathroom has been retrofitted with a touchless faucet and soap dispenser

3.    There are sanitizing wipes available in each bathroom


1. The snack bar is open and is in one direction, with 6' markers on the floor.  Enter on the side of the airstream

2. The Projectionists Club Biergarten will be open for select events and the capacity in the garden will have a set capacity   


Please note that processes and polices are subject to change at any time this summer.

We appreciate your patience and support!  Dwight and Leigh